Financial Accountability

We're accountable to you, our donors and sponsors. Blessed Fruit Foundation is efficient and transparent. We devote 82 percent of our total expenditures to programs for widows and orphans. Blessed Fruit Foundation is recognized for stewardship, with high ratings from our beneficiaries. Please feel free to view our Financial Reports.
In 2021, we helped over 500 widows and their children in different communities with food, education, health care and community support. Because of your donations and supports ...
- Widows and orpahns are happier and healthier.
- Widows and orpahns get food.
- Widows and orpahns get drugs.
- Widows and orpahns get clothed.
- Widows and orpahns get protected.
- Widows and orpahns get sensitized.
- Widows' Children are educated.
- Orphans acquire training and skills.

We can do more together. Send us questions, suggestions and comments. Contact us for more information.

How you can help - Get involved.

Millions of widows, children, orphans are somewhere waiting for your help. Donate today and keep their hopes alive.

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Sponsor a Widow/Orphan

Choose a widow or orphan to sponsor today and make a difference in someone's live.

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Join other kind minded good people in volunteering in various activities, events or programmes organized by BFF.

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Blessed Fruit Foundation has earned high ratings from Charity Navigator, the Nigerian Institute of Philanthropy and Charities Council.

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