Mission Statement

a) To ensure the education of widow's children, orphans and vulnerable children through guidance, counseling and award of scholarship and educational materials.

b) To empower the above-mentioned target for the acquisition of skills through vocational training programme and initiate finance credit scheme for business development.

c) To ensure proper psychological and spiritual orientation and emotional stability for widows and their children, orphans and abandoned children, through counseling and structured programmes.

d) To rehabilitate and settle those with serious accommodation and health problems through the provision of financial grants.

e) To provide emergency and seasonal welfare packages for widows, their children, orphans and the needy.

How you can help - Get involved.

Millions of widows, children, orphans are somewhere waiting for your help. Donate today and keep their hopes alive.

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Sponsor a Widow/Orphan

Choose a widow or orphan to sponsor today and make a difference in someone's live.

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Join other kind minded good people in volunteering in various activities, events or programmes organized by BFF.

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Blessed Fruit Foundation has earned high ratings from Charity Navigator, the Nigerian Institute of Philanthropy and Charities Council.

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